Topcon Levels

Topcon levels

When you think of the highest quality you can think of Topcon. Topcon products save time at work, giving you a competitive advantage. Topcon Surveying and Construction support the world of civil engineering works cost index, optical surveying, construction, agriculture, public services and law enforcement. Topcon develops designs and manufactures integrated positioning and automation technologies to meet the ever changing demands of industry worldwide.

Since the earliest days of civilization, man is the design and construction of beautiful churches, palaces, public buildings, roads and entire cities. With the help of simple tools of geometry and these sites would be measured and evaluated before they are built. In modern times, the process continues. Technological advances, such as Topcon laser equipment which is used for leveling, have increased efficiency and capacity of these projects. With tools such as computers and GPS-enhanced sky literally the limit.

Topcon Tools offers a range of excellent and hard automatic levels for land surveyors, engineers and construction specialists. All AT-G series levels are magnetically-dampened compensator hung four special Mylar tape with excellent resistance to cold, heat and shock. Meet or exceed rigid waterproof/ dust standards. The AT-G series automatic level is newly redesigned. Model contains 360 glass horizontal circles using a 25x increase in microscope to read the circular.

TOPCON (TPS) now extended range of high quality, affordable machine laser sensors - the LS-B100, B110-LS, ls-RD B110W and-100W - offering new models and increased functionality. An important feature of the LS-B100 series, each sensor is easy to go to the machine to machine. 110/110W introduces this model a''sensor''an automatic control system of the machine or, when combined with a control box as Topcon is exported. RD-100W Mobile quality and matching the receiver and the external display allows precise level adjustment (dead band) and 2level Communication.

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