Topcon RL 60B Levels

Topcon RL 60B levels

The Topcon RL 60B is a laser level and it is used for many different things in the work force, such as remodeling for example. It is a compact, light weight and water proof Topcon level. The Topcon RL 60B has a patented liquid compensator provide more stability. The Topcon Rl has 600 Rom rotating speeds.

The Topcon laser is compatible with manual or fully automated machine control systems. This laser equipment has a batter life of about 135 hours and runs on 3 D batteries. The laser Topcon RL 60B creates a flat plane of light to make leveling easier. This is helpful for landscaping jobs, creating pools, patios or fences.

The size of the Topcon is about 19 pounds. Some of them come with a remote control. The laser equipment only need to be within 5 degrees before it takes on accurately leveling. The RL 60B laser machine's liquid compensation system is said to be the most durable system available.

There are also Topcon lasers the have a one touch button for simplicity. These RL lasers are called self-leveling. The laser equipment has a battery strength indicator light. Also provides a feature of and out of level alert.

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